Free Dental Clinic – Wilmington, NC

FYI:  I wanted to pass this on to you. Maybe you or somebody you know could use a break. There is a Free Dental Clinic held on Tuesday’s only in the Tileston Building in Wilmington, NC You have to call at 2PM at 910-343-8736 and try to get an appointment : )


  1. Lisa says

    Can you call any day of the week at 2pm to schedule your Tuesday appt.? Or can you only call on Tuesday? Also, do you know what type of services are offered?

  2. Haley Wilson and Mom says

    DO you also help with partials and Dentures? My Mom is 82 and needs all her five teeth pulled and dentures? I was married to a Doctor and got really screwed over by him and his lawyer and lost everything-Then I lost my job have no insurance and my teeth are falling out do to the stress I am under. When I say I lost everything I mean it even my two small boys just because I once slipped into a clinic depression and Judge Holt Hated me. Please help us

  3. Linda says

    Just so you know – The Tileston Clinic is full and not taking anymore patients. They will tell you to call St. Mary’s, which is on the corner of 5th and Ann St, ph 910-520-7218. All I’ve been able to get there is a recording stating their voice mail is full. Good Luck…. I’ve not been able to get any help for my son who is unemployed, not eligible for unemployment and has had to move back home with his father and I.

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